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Been a while.

2014-05-16 17:49:40 by SicPanNG



It's been a while.


Working on a  long term project but I have courses right now so don't expect anything soon.


Stay here.




2014-01-22 13:14:13 by SicPanNG

I'm not really big enough to sell my stuff for 40 bucks, but I will start selling commissions soon. 

Character Design: $10 USD

Simple Pencil (No Shading, No Color): $10 USD

Pencil (No Color, Shading): $15 USD

Full (Full Pencil, Full Shading, No Color): $20 USD


I am not selling animations yet, but that may be something I'll do soon. 


Thanks in advance!

Oh man oh man ho man

2014-01-01 19:12:06 by SicPanNG

I really thought this was a nice community. I guess I have to shrug off haters.


Thanks, guys.

Just Joined

2013-12-21 17:12:17 by SicPanNG


I just joined this site, and I'm gonna start posting some animations and music and stuff. This is gonna be fun.


Starting 2014!